Choosing the right patio blocks can turn the area surrounding your house into so much more. 

For instance, a beautiful patio can also become a dining area, a place where you kick back in the summer evenings, or the ideal spot for your morning coffee. Patios are so popular because they can turn your garden into your own idyllic private area. 

Of course, like any choice to be made for a property, not every option suits every person. 

For instance, some people like the modern look, while others choose a more rustic option. 

Choosing the style of patios is one thing while picking the material used is another entirely. Once upon a time, concrete was the only choice. 

Of course, this can suit some homes, but it isn’t for everyone. 

Nowadays, you have more options, which include: 

  • Concrete Pavers 
  • Brick Material
  • Pavers
  • Tile Paving 
  • Loose Materials

Of course, with those options, you may still be asking ‘what are the best materials for patios?’. 

Once again, this all depends on exactly what you want. 

To get a sufficient answer on this, you need to take both the budget and desired style into account. Below, we look at three of the best options. 

Concrete Pavers 

It is easy to see why concrete pavers are so popular. They are easy to adapt, so the finish can be exactly to your specifications, and they aren’t overly expensive. They are also easy to match with other materials and create a beautiful patio which will last the test of time. 

That is because they are durable (which is especially useful if you want to place that heavy barbecue on them) and they will last through any weather condition. 

It should also be noted that they require very little maintenance once they are installed. 

Brick Material

Brick patios are going through a renaissance for Irish homeowners, with more and more people choosing this material as a classic choice for their patio needs. Once again, this is a choice that can look absolutely divine, particularly when well matched in a stylish garden area. 

Not only that, but brick material patios are also incredibly sturdy. They can handle even the worst of Irish weather. However, let’s not get too stuck on practicality, as they also come in a range of exciting and delightful colours and styles. 

Thus, brick material patios hold the honour of being stylish, sturdy, and adaptable. Three excellent traits, we think you will agree. 

Tile Paving 

Tile paving can be beautiful, but it should be noted that tiles with a decorative glaze are a non-runner for patios. That is because they get incredibly slippery when wet and as we all know, it gets quite wet in Ireland. 

However, if you go for a tile paving without the glaze, you will be getting a beautiful patio option and one that is easy to maintain. They aren’t overly expensive either, so your bank balance is winning too. 

Of course, other options have their advantages too. Whatever you choose, Right Price Paving & Masonry can help you out. Call us today on +17324027902 to hear more or contact us.