A driveway is the front face of your home. When new, it looks amazing to both yourself and the whole neighborhood. But time and weather are factors playing a tremendous role in your driveway’s looks. And you can’t control either.

Time makes everything look older, worn out, gray, and simply unappealing. Luckily, unlike humans or other living beings, you can repair, and almost reverse, the consequences of time on your driveway. All you need are experts in paving and a sealing mixture. 

How Much Does Driveway Sealing Cost

Driveway sealing costs can vary a bit depending on the coating material, area size, the cost of labor, and even the coating color. For example, the national average asphalt coating cost is between $0.15 and $0.23 per square foot, and $0.85 and $2.13 per square foot for concrete driveways.

Besides the per square foot costs, you can also expect other business costs like insurance, travel costs, and equipment. An important factor can also be your household’s accessibility.

Driveway Sealing Benefits

Even with all the business costs and variations of the price, you can see driveway sealing is hardly expensive. But it gets better. Here are driveway sealing benefits that can help you realize why your driveway needs a makeover. 

  • Driveway sealing protects and prolongs the life expectancy of your asphalt driveway. The same can be said for concrete driveways. A protective barrier helps keep out water particles, UV rays, and other fluids like car oil.
  • You will save money in the long run. Sealing is much cheaper than repaving, plus it adds a protective layer to your driveway. Meaning, you can have your driveway for much longer and save money for something else.
  • A freshly sealed driveway looks amazing. This can be especially useful if you are looking to sell or rent your property. 

In the end, when you compare driveway sealing costs vs benefits, you can see sealing your driveway pays out in the long run and is hardly an expensive investment. 

Where to Find Driveway Sealing Services?

Driveway sealing is one of those tasks most people think they can do themselves. And while that is true and on the first look, cheaper. It is likely your driveway sealing costs will increase very quickly very soon.

To seal coat your driveway effectively and efficiently, you need professional equipment and materials. Even when you have all the tools, sealing takes time, and you need to do it when it is warm. This means standing in the sun, for a good few hours, coating your asphalt driveway. It’s hard work. And then, if you are not an expert, it is likely that you will miss something.

Hence, it is easier, and not much more expensive, to hire professionals. If you would agree, and you are in the market for driveway coating experts, simply give us a call at +1 732 402 7902 or send us an email at info@rightpricepavingnj.com