Gravel Driveway contractors

Interested in a beautiful gravel driveway that is easy to maintain and doesn’t cost a fortune?
Let’s take a look if gravel would be the right product for you.

Gravel Driveway Contractors

Gravel is a great and inexpensive choice for your driveway. Especially if you have a rather long driveway, and the gravel we can use today is much more than just a collection of rocks that end up scattered all over your yard.

The Benefits of Gravel Driveways

Gravel has become the material of choice for many residential driveway owners like yourself. The modern stone processing and installation procedure have removed most of the disadvantages gravel had in the past. Plus, the benefits can also be applied in a business environment where you might have a large office with a parking area and a driveway.

Gravel Driveway NJ is Affordable

Gravel Driveways Are Affordable

The exact price can vary depending on your needs and wishes but it would be safe to assume gravel is four to five times less expensive than asphalt per square foot. This is mostly because gravel requires less site preparation, but the material’s quality and the required installation process can also affect the final price.

Gravel Driveway Long Durability NJ

Long Durability

There isn’t a driveway material that can survive for decades without the need for maintenance. However, if we consider regular maintenance and professional layered installation, gravel could easily last you for a decade without a complete makeover.

Gravel Driveway Water Resistance

Gravel Driveway Water Resistance

A great thing about gravel driveways is that they are almost completely water-resistant. Meaning, water passes between the stones and through the layers without dispersing the rocks as it would sand. Because of the same effect, you won’t see and water ponds in your gravel driveway and it will dry faster because it loses moisture quickly.

Gravel Driveways NJ Are Easy to Maintain

Gravel Driveways Are Easy to Maintain

The final crucial benefit gravel driveways offer is maintenance, or rather, little maintenance. The top gravel layer that is sometimes dispersed by people and cars can easily be collected into needed places. Furthermore, fallen leaves and twigs can easily be cleaned with a rake, and you can use the same tool for leveling.

Have You Agreed on a Gravel Driveway?

If you have been thinking about the perfect driveway material for a long time already and you couldn’t find something that checks all the boxes, gravel could be your solution. This material is easy to install, even easier to maintain and is rather inexpensive when all is put together.

The importance lies in the experts and the installation process. Properly preparing the ground and planning the layers is crucial when it comes to a durable gravel driveway. Luckily, you have already found the experts that do all of this for you.

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Our service comes with impeccable quality and customers’ wishes in the first place. We will make sure your driveway lasts long, looks beautiful, and makes you happy. Have you decided a gravel driveway is exactly what you need? Send us an email at or call us on +1 732 402 7902.

Our Driveway and Patio Masonry Services

When you choose Right Price Paving & Masonry you are choosing the best professionals in the field. You will receive a high-quality service done for the right price and followed by a great customer service. Here is what we offer:

Asphalt Driveway Paving

Asphalt Driveway Paving

An asphalt driveway is a perfect choice for extreme weather conditions. It also looks amazing without carrying the price tag some other driveway options have. Finally, with proper maintenance, it has a long lifespan.


Gravel Driveway

Gravel Driveways

Are you looking for an affordable driveway material with simple maintenance? You don’t need much more than gravel and our team to be set for years to come. Also, gravel driveways are one of the fastest and easiest installed driveway options available.

Masonry & Steps New Jersey

Masonry & Steps

When you think about a set of steps, you want a beautiful construction that will last you a lifetime. With our expert team and your ideas, we can get you a set of steps that will fit your home and budget perfectly.

Patio Paving View

Patio Paving

One of the biggest advantages of paved patios is that they are beautiful. But when installed properly, they also last long and keep well in temperature and weather changes. Also, with a paved patio, you won’t need much maintenance.


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