Fire pit pavers have become increasingly popular in recent times, with more and more people realizing the potential that their backyard has. 

A quality, safe fire pit can turn an uninspiring area into a place where you and your family can sit back and enjoy the night stars. They can transform a back garden into a warm, social area, which is both inviting and beautiful. 

Of course, the priority with fire pits should always be safety. After all, you are dealing with flames and when it comes to them, nothing is more important than safety. 

Here a few more questions answered… 

Can anyone have a fire pit?

No. Some places have restrictions. It is important that you check in with the housing authority in your area. Some housing areas restrict, or even forbid fire pits, so this is an important check before you consider getting one. 

Can I build a fire pit with pavers? 

Of course, you can build your own fire pit, but as we said, fire can be deadly to you and your home. Thus, going down the DIY method may not be the best option. 

How do I match my fire pit with my patio?

Not to beat too hard on this drum, but an expert can help guide here.

They can show you designs that can turn your fire pit into a fashionable addition to your patio. When you go down the DIY route, unfortunately the fire pit can become a clashing eyesore. 

Should I consider size and location

The short answer is ‘yes’. 

The slightly longer one is that you want a fire pit that is ideally placed for you and your friends and family to gather around it when it gets chillier in the evenings. Circular is the obvious shape, as it promotes sociability and encloses the fire. 

You should also consider the smoke and flames and put it in a place where it doesn’t blow into your home, or anyone else’s. 

What about materials?

Obviously, you shouldn’t use porous, water-retaining, or flammable materials. 

An expert in pavers can guide you through the best bricks and materials for your specific needs. 

They will also ensure that your fire pit is installed so that you don’t damage the rest of your patio and ensure that it is long lasting. 

Should I build it myself or hire an expert? 

The truth is that the title of this article is misleading. 

That is because, it would be impossible for us to share with you everything we know about patio fire pits. That being said, if you want guidance, we can help you along every step of the way. 

The advantages of hiring an expert team, such as us, when it comes to fire pit pavers are plentiful. 

We can guide you on where to build it, what materials are needed and much, much more. 

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